Man Repeller: How To Avoid Looking Frumpy In A Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

Outfit Details: Jumpsuit: Zara, Jacket: Zara, Heels: Zara, Sunglasses: Ray-ban

Coined by Leandra Medine, a man repeller is someone "who outfits herself in a sartorially offensive mode that may result in repelling members of the opposite sex" (source). While the average man favours form-fitting dresses, long hair and cleavage-barring tops, the thought of red lipstick, a pixie haircut and ruffle blouse repulses them. Ironically, men who share this sentiment usually wear Oakley sunglasses and a Blue Jays jersey. While everyone has their own acquired fashion taste, this prompts the question: why is there such a disparity between what women find fashionable and what men find attractive?

While I usually favour figure-flattering pieces, I'm always open to trying new trends and looks. After seeing Gigi Hadid continuously photographed in New York wearing various wide-leg pants, I decided to purchase this jumpsuit to see if I could pull off this look. Sadly, after realizing I'm not a 5'10 supermodel, pulling off a wide-leg jumpsuit was a lot harder than I anticipated. While Gigi and Kendall have the height and figure to wear sneakers with wide-leg pants, pairing heels with this trend creates the most flattering look for the rest of us mere mortals (like, I actually shudder to think of how frumpy I would look wearing flats with this jumpsuit). In addition, to prevent this trend from looking sloppy, a wide-leg bottom looks best with a fitted top or structured jacket- this faux-suede jacket from Zara helps balance the proportions of the jumpsuit, creating a more polished appearance. While I love this look in theory, it seemed to accentuate all of my physical shortcomings and made me look, for lack of a better word, wider than I actually am. Since I'm trying not to repel all men and would like to get married one day, I'll leave this look to the millennial supermodels.

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