Upper East Side Vibes: Serena van der Woodsen-Inspired Look

Outfit Details: Trench: Zara, Dress: Aritzia, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Heels: Spring 

Being a person who has always had a big imagination and constantly spilling over with ideas, I vividly remember telling my parents I wanted to be a "movie star like Julia Roberts" when I was five years old. That statement in itself is a punchline because most of my friends would describe me as shy, awkward and probably the least likely person to successfully perform dialogue. While I quickly realized acting was an ill-fitting career choice, I never pictured myself adhering to the small town archetype I was surrounded by. Growing up in a secluded neighbourhood, where tumbleweed literally blew across my front yard, watching Gossip Girl provided a glimpse of a life that was so drastically different than mine. I didn't even realize I was such cringeworthy fan girl of the show until I made a point of seeing some of the famous landmarks while I was in New York: MET steps, Columbia University, etc. 

While I quickly lost interest in the show after the first few seasons, I still sporadically watched the show for the fashion and stylist's unique approach to every character's personal style (source). Being virtually unknown prior to landing a lead role on Gossip Girl, Blake Lively's role as Serena van der Woodsen instantly made her a fashion icon and every designer's muse (source). With Blair favouring more preppy looks, my personal style aligned more with Serena's edgier, form-fitting outfits (source). I decided to pair this lightweight trench from Zara with a silk slip dress, for an affordable luxe look that can be worn on a night out in the city- sans sunglasses, of course. 

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