The ‘90s Called: Overalls Modernized

Outfit Details: Overall Dress: Forever 21, Bralette: Forever 21, Booties: Zara 

Back when I was a painfully shy, unstylish tomboy, I remember my Mom commenting on how my flared jeans were reminiscent of her style in the 1970s. While I thought my Mom was a fossil for saying this at the time, the resurgence of ‘90s fashion trends has me eating my words. While some fashion items from the ‘90s are cringeworthy, other trends seem to be more resilient and continually reappear- many of which are staples in my wardrobe: slip dresses, athleisure wear, high waisted jeans, etc. With designers drawing inspiration from the past, minor tweaks to past trends reinvents the item, adapting to present day fashion (source). 

Previously styled with an oversized graphic shirt and Converse shoes, one childhood item I never imagined myself wearing again is overalls. Pictured on various celebrities and influencers, social media has excelerated the popularity of this trend, making it readily accessible to the public (source ). Whether in pant or dress form, overalls are a versatile piece that caters to most body types. Additionally, they can be worn casually or formally, depending on the occasion and season (source). This faux-suede overall dress I purchased from Forever 21 can be worn with a blouse or t-shirt- or in my case, you can opt for no shirt at all. To avoid looking like you’re stuck in a ‘90s fashion rut, form-fitting shirts look best with this trend.  

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