Inexpensive Things To Do In Toronto In The Springtime

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Whether it’s my birthday falling at the beginning of April or being born in the Year of the Rabbit, Spring has always been my favourite season. With my Winter routine feeling stagnant and repetitive, the first sight of Spring always gives me a new lease on life. In addition to a getting a much-needed haircut, I’m beyond ready to swap my gloomy Winter wardrobe for my go-to moto jacket and dress Spring combo.  

With Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrors” exhibit generating a lot of attention recently, I decided to deviate from my usual Sunday routine and go to the AGO for the afternoon. While I’m definitely guilty of being a creature of habit, longer days and progressively warmer tempatures make me much more inclined to explore Toronto- a city that has been my home for almost four years (!!!). With Spring around the corner, I decided to compile a mini list of inexpensive things to do in Toronto on the weekend: 

1. On Sunday’s We Brunch: Considering my skewed small town idea of brunch used to be a donut and coffee from Tim Horton’s, I sometimes take for granted how many diverse and amazing independent restaurants there are in Toronto- many of which are within walking distance of my building. Having an alcoholic beverage at noon is usually frowned upon, but for whatever reason a mimosa is deemed socially-acceptable at brunch. 

Brunch recommendations: I was going to compile my own list, but felt like BlogTO already said it best.  

2. Get Fit: Did I mention I’ve been eating bags (plural) of jalapeño Miss Vickie’s this Winter? Considering there’s a gym in my building and customized workout classes at every corner, you would think I would look like a swimsuit model by now (alas, that is not the case). 

A few classes I want to try this Spring: Barry’s Bootcamp, Underground Dance Centre, Soul Cycle- any other recommendations are welcome!

3. A Day At The Museum: With general admission under $25, going to an art gallery is an inexpensive way to spend an afternoon in Toronto. In addition to housing extensive collections, both of Toronto’s most popular galleries, ROM and AGO, feature special exhibitions seasonally. If art doesn’t pique your interest, shopping and restaurants are within steps of the ROM.

What are your favourite things to do in the Spring? 

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